Beeswax and Natural Products

Our Very Own Beeswax:

The posibilities of beeswax are endless. There are hundreds of ways to use it!
Some of our favorite ways are:
Lip Balm
Hand Salve
Paw Balm
Healing Cream for Wounds
Taking out seized on bolts
Vapour Rub
Waterproofing Leather
Furniture Conditioner
Beard and Mustache Balm
Cracked Hooves
We sell our beeswax twice filtered in 1oz or 1lb bars.

We make hand crafted lip balms!

Beard Balm! A nice blend of natural and essential oils to make your beard silky and smooth. Sure to drive the ladies wild!

There are more products on the way! These skills are not easily mastered but they sure are worth it. Stay tuned!