Tamarack Jack’s Label Art Contest

Calling artists one and all! 
We have two meads in need of labels, not just any labels though. Absolutely one of a kind, extraordinary labels, designed by YOU! 

Art Contest Guidelines

Tamarack Jack’s Label Art Contest

Thank you for your interest in entering our label art contest! There are 2 labels up for design.

To start, we will give you a little history on our business and our brand. Tamarack Jack’s Honey and Meadery began in 2017. Our name has a very unique and personal origin. The Tamarack tree that is so abundant on our land is not only beautiful, but also great for firewood. Jack is meant to symbolize a logger by shortening the term, Lumberjack. Not only do we log our own firewood from our land,  but we come from a long line of loggers through time. We are proud of this history and wanted to incorporate it into our business. So as you may have guessed….Tamarack Jacks Honey and Meadery is a Lumberjack themed brand! 

For those of you who aren’t familiar with mead, it is alcohol made with fermented honey. The oldest known alcohol to mankind. Also known as nectar of the Gods.

There are two labels for this contest.

  1. Hell on the Hillside Mead is a silver Consumers Choice awarded sparkling mead, made with honey, jalapeños,cucumbers,mint and hops. “There’ll be hell on the hillside Annie!“ is what a logger would yell if something was going wrong.
  2. Meadmosa is a gold Consumers Choice awarded sparkling mead, made with honey and oranges. It is a favorite among mead lovers of Alberta. Though it does not have a logging jargon name, we think the right label will make up for that!

Now that you have some history and information on our brand, let’s get to the main points! Guidelines for the contest are as follows:

  • You can submit for both labels or just one. There is no limit on submissions. 
  • The contest will run from March 4, 2023 until March 28, 2023 with the winners being announced on March 31 at 4pm
  • The chosen label artists will receive $200.00 and be featured on social media, our website and printed items.
  • Name, date of birth, email and phone number must be sent in with each submission. This contest is for 18+ only as it will be used to feature a liquor product. Form below.
  • All art forms will be accepted as long as they can be printed, the more unique the better. 
  • We will not accept anything that contains sexual, racially offensive or discriminating content. We will not accept anything gruesome that contains mutilation or implies death. 
  • Label art must be reflective of the brand, incorporating some sort of logging theme. 
  • Art can be sent via;
  1. Regular Mail to Box 1025 Caroline, AB T0M 0M0
  2. Email or Link to info@tamarackjacks.com
  3. In person at 51079 Township Road 360 Caroline, AB
  • Each entry must include a release form signed by the artist, allowing their art to be displayed. All artistic work and rights will be recognized and displayed if the art is to be used. Link to be attached soon.