The Meadery

Mead; noun. An alcoholic drink made of fermented honey and water.

After 6 years and over 40 flavours of mead, we have almost got this fermenting business down to a science. Yet, we are still always learning something new. Our main goal is to create meads that you can’t find anywhere else. From small, one off batches to outrageous flavours. You will never see a copycat mead from us.
Tamarack Jacks Honey and Meadery has won multiple awards for our meads, from Canadian competitions to municipal. We have put them together for you in our “Award Winners” Collection.

Meet the Brewmaster

Katie Kingdon: Born and raised on a farm in northern Alberta, my heart has always been drawn to the simplicity and warmth of rural family life. After moving south to pursue a career in childcare, I realized that my true calling was to build a life that echoed the values of my upbringing.

Fueled by a deep-rooted love for the rural lifestyle, I met the love of my life and embarked on a journey to create my own business and farm. With determination and a whole lot of team work, we transformed my dreams into reality. As I craft award-winning mead, I'm not just creating a legacy for myself but also laying the foundation for future generations.

This humble venture into the world of brewing is more than a profession; it's a testament to the enduring spirit of rural family life. Join me in savoring the flavors of tradition and innovation, where every drop of mead tells a story of dreams fulfilled and a legacy built for the generations to come.

Meads We’ve Made

Since August 2017, Tamarack Jacks Honey and Meadery has been buzzing with creativity, crafting over 40 deliciously, unique meads! Our small-batch, artisanal approach means each sip is a sweet surprise, with seasonal flavours that may not stick around for long. Here is our history of mead magic!

Mead Timeline:

1. Buzzsaw Traditional 2017

2. Sawyer Hopped 2017

3. Sougan Hot Mulled 2017

4. Swingdingle Lemon 2018

5. Swamp Water Iced Tea 2018

6. Jack’s Axe Pumpkin Spice 2018

7. Klooch Strawberry 2019

8. Tillicum Sour Cherry 2019

9. Brush Monkey Raspberry/Blackberry 2019

10. Timberbeast Beet 2019

11. 1607 Traditional 2019

12. Rough Cut Apple Rhubarb 2019

13. Sugar Bush Maple Cran 2019

14. Katydid Black Currant Pear 2019

15. Quinine Jimmy Pomegranate 2020

16. Mackinaw & Malone Hazelnut Fig 2020

17. Mead-a-Colada Coconut Pineapple 2020

18. A Jasmine Osmanthus 2020

19. Loggers Physic Orange Cran 2020

20. Blackjack Coffee Mead 2021

21. Gandy Dancer Grapefruit Hopped 2021

22. Surveyor Earl Grey Mead 2021

23. Lumberjack Snack Strawberry Licorice 2021

24. Great West Haskap Lavender 2021

25. Lemon Ginger 2021

26. Sky West & Crooked Lemon Lavender 2021

27. Bog & Crown Cran Spruce 2021

28. Fharrigan Mandarin Cacao 2021

29. Shanty Queen Elderberry Hibiscus 2021

30. Hoosier Ginger Cardamom 2021

31. Hell on the Hillside Jalapeño Cucumber Mint Hops 2021

32. Jerk Water Espresso 2022

33. Ironduke Vanilla Bochet 2022

34. Meadmosa Orange 2022

35. Blue Ox Ginger Lime Butterfly Peaflower

36. Gin Pole Botanical 2022

37. Section 37 Braggot Collab

38. Gypsy Jam Mead Collab

39. Round 40 Mead Collab

40. Mulligan Braggot Collab

41. High Rigger Braggot Collab

42. Raspberry Equinox Braggot Collab

43. Pie in the Sky Mead Collab

44. Crabbie Jacks Honey Rye Collab

Mead Collection

A collection of our favorite items made right here on our family meadery.