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Ginger Infused Honey

Ginger Infused Honey

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Discover the perfect balance of sweet and spicy in our Ginger Infused Raw Honey. This delightful fusion combines the natural sweetness of raw honey with the invigorating kick of ginger. Not only does it add a zesty twist to your culinary creations, but it also brings potential digestive and anti-inflammatory benefits attributed to ginger. Use it as a marinade, a topping for desserts, or a soothing addition to your tea. Elevate your cooking and indulge in the goodness of this remarkable pairing. 

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Benefits of Local Raw Honey

Raw honey comes right from the hive. Ours is filtered, than bottled, no heat or processing is ever applied. This means it retains all of the powerful nutrients, and antioxidants. On the other hand, store purchased honey often undergoes processing to help with appearance and to stop the crystalization. But it also removes or destroys any important health benefits from the honey.

Pasteurizing honey isn't about food safety, raw natural honey is among the safest foods you can eat.

Raw Honey as a Antioxidant Power House

Did you know that some types of raw honey contain as many antioxidants as fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants help your body protect itseslf agains free radicals, and thus imporve overall health. Free radicals have been linked to many types of cancer, and early aging. Antioxidants can also help lower blood pressure.

Honey as a Substitute for Sugar

Replace those empty sugar calories with the benefits of raw honey is all your baking. By following 4 simple rules, you can pull it off without a hitch.

Slight cahnges are required because of the larger sweetness impact of raw honey vs sugar, the natural liquids and acids found in the honey needs to be acounted for, and honey tends to brown faster under heat, so you need to reduce the oven temperature.

Raw Honey and Seasonal Allergies

If you are one of those people that gets stuffy in the spring when pollen fills the air, local raw pollen may be the solution for you. Because your allergies are from the local plants in your area, as you eat local honey, your body slowly build a tolerance to it.